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The location for Westwood is on an urban edge softened by a small orchard and grove of trees in urban West Asheville. Nearby are schools, a city park, shops and services of all kinds, and public transportation. Downtown Asheville, the Farmers' Market and Pisgah National Forest are short drives away.

Westwood includes 23 energy-efficient dwellings and the original farmhouse clustered around pedestrian commons and central common house. The common house is used for shared suppers, which are held twice a week, meetings and recreation. It has a playroom, lounge, laundry and guest rooms. Parking is kept at the perimeter. This leaves much of the land free for trees, gardens and play areas.

Westwood used Permaculture principles for the site design and early landscaping. Permaculture applies knowledge of natural ecosystems to design and maintain a harmonious integration of landscape and people. Westwood utilizes passive solar design, tight building envelopes for energy efficiency, centrally supplied hot water and radiant floor heating, landscaping for light and shade and multiple functions.

Westwood welcomes people of different ages, family types, races, occupations, income levels, sexual orientations, religious beliefs. Common facilities and some dwellings are wheelchair-accessible. Priorities include a wholesome environment for young people, efficient utilization of resources, and ample opportunities for members to learn skills that enhance community life.

The community is organized as a Planned Unit Development (PUD), which allows for clustered buildings and preservation of commons green space. Our dwellings are townhouses; each unit is privately owned by a Westwood member. Residents are members of a Homeowners Association, which owns the common house and the common property and manages the community. We manage ourselves and do most of the work ourselves, and members are expected to work one to two hours a week.

The south commons in the springtime.


To ask questions about the Westwood Cohousing Community, please send e-mail to contactwestwood@gmail.com.

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