We traditionally have some sort of celebration on New Year’s Eve, and this year we decided to dance in the new year. We assembled wine, cheese and music and had a lovely time.

In the photo on the left, Ursula, Lotte and Seymour sample the display. On the right, Lotte, Seymour, Linda and Bob dance to the waltz. This was an especially poignant moment for Westwood because Seymour had broken his hip the year before, and he has now recovered and is able to dance again.

New people have moved into Westwood over the past year, and they bring with them new ideas. Here is one of the better ones — a themed dinner once a month. This particular meal was an Italian excursion. At left, Audra, Sue and Bob cook parts of the dinner. At right, the view from above.

At left, Evan, Adele, Norris and Bena take their food. At right and below left, the group enjoys the meal. Eugene, still in his Italian ensemble, runs the dishwasher after the meal (below right).

All photos on this page were taken by Ellen Frerotte.