Photo Page - Spring 2005

One of the Westwood traditions is Flamingo Croquet, played every year on Memorial Day. The tradition started when one of our residents brought her flamingos out one spring, and we needed to borrow a few for a croquet game that year. Now every year the flamingos "migrate" from the south side of Westwood to the north side, in time for the Memorial Day flamingo croquet tournament (and cookout).
Jim lines up a shot while Gaiva waits (left). On the right, Evan takes her turn while Daniel watches.

Bena takes her turn (left). On the right, Ghilman is there in body, but not necessarily in spirit.

Westwood has a Sunday morning breakfast club, and one week they decided to vary the routine a bit and invite everyone to breakfast in their pajamas. Not everyone was brave enough to try this, but some got a glimpse at another side of our neighbors. This was a bring-your-own breakfast, not the usual elaborate cooked breakfasts we make for each other.

Doug had a plan for creating steps down the hill behind the common house. He planned it intricately, and asked people to help him build the steps. This parade was the celebration for the new steps, which are now complete. The kids are holding a sign which reads "You won't take a spill, we've got steps down the hill."


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