Photo Page - Halloween 2006

We have had Haunted Houses in our common house for several years running now. They have each been different and popular. We bring all neighborhood traffic to the common house instead of our individual houses, and we pool candy resources together, too.
In the photo on the left, Evan poses as the "tea lady," asking victims if they would like some tea. The tea in the orange cups is candy. She also tells them they need to ask information from the pumpkins, who are manning the information booth, before trick-or-treaters can go inside. When the trick-or-treaters ask the pumpkins for information, Evan then said, "silly person, you can't get information from a pumpkin!"

The trick-or-treaters then moved into an ice cream station (not pictured), then the Bludd Bank (manned by our new exchange student, Ming), before seeing the witch in shadow theatre. The witch made a potion of candy, and then brought it out to the trick-or-treaters.


    Westwood Cohousing Community