Photo Page - Spring 2007

With the construction of our new bike shed (thanks Lotte and Seymour!) we had the opportunity to find a place to put lots of dirt. The Landscape team decided to create a terrace garden on a south-facing hillside near the common house, which was previously an overgrown tangle of wild growth in which the kids had created tunnels.
First we cleared the land.

Clearing of the land took a day of hard labor, but with lots of folks helping it was fun.

At the end of the day, the land looked much different, and everyone was happy but tired and hungry.

The next step was to roto-till, seed and cover the new garden. This took place over the period of a week as people worked on it when they could.

All photos above this line were taken by Gary Boyer.

When one of our members died in her home, we decided to create a peace garden in her memory. We had a dedication ceremony for a new peace pole this day and enjoyed the time together.

Photos of the peace pole ceremony were taken by Ellen Frerotte.


    Westwood Cohousing Community