Photo Page - Fall 2007

Early in the fall, Anna organized Westwood's first-ever Art Walk. Fashioned after a studio stroll, of which there are several in the WNC area, Anna coaxed Westwood's closeted visual artists to bring their stuff out of the closet and show it off. Many people exhibited their items in the common house; others in their homes and we strolled from house to house to admire their work.

Above, Bena with her wall hanging and Mary Ellen with books she's written.

Above, Elana with photos of her wood sculptures, and Anna holding a bust of Bruce.

Above, Bernie with her work as a book illustrator and Jean with her photos from her days as a newspaper photographer.

Above, Ron with his paintings, and Ruth with her work as a fiber artist.

Above, Jodi, pointing to her picture, and also representing all the children who had art hanging on the bulletin board and Sue with her scarves and bookmarks on the table.

Above, Paula with her quilts, and Ellen with her pottery.

Above, Jim with his wood sculpture, including a new sign for the Westwood entrance and Doug with his photography.

Above, Eugene with the rug he made, and Lotte and Seymour admiring Ruth's tapestries as portrayed in a book.

Here are the requisite Halloween photos. Enjoy!
Lila, Wesley, Gaiva and Jonathan with their pumpkins.

Some of the group in their costumes, Mary Ellen protecting her candy with her witchly powers.


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