Photo Page - Fall 1998

As part of our sweat equity (keeping the total cost of our houses down by doing some work ourselves), the group constructed a recyclatron. This recyclatron, named by member Jim, holds all our garbage and recyclable materials. At left are Janice (on top), Jean, Ray, Molly, Jim, Ursula, Ruth and Seymour. At right are Ray and Elana, getting down to the serious work of construction.

Jim accepts a gift from all of us, thanking him for his hard work in designing and overseeing construction of the recyclatron. The gift, wrapped in the caution tape, was a table saw. At right, the group works on setting the posts for the fence which will separate members' homes from the parking lot. Pictured are Seymour, Vance, Janice, Adele, Eugene, Ray and Jim.

After much deliberation (and no small amount of money), we decided to pave the parking lot. At the "ribbon cutting" to celebrate the completion of paving, are Molly, Ray, Eugene and Don (hidden), Ruth, Louaine, Susan, Adele, Jean, Lotte, Seymour, Marianna, Ursula, Mary Ellen, Bill, Audra, Greg and Donna. At right, Marianna and Ray do the official ribbon cutting.


    Westwood Cohousing Community