Homes for Sale or Rent

If you are thinking about the possibility of living in a cohousing community or wish more information about Westwood please refer to the VISITING page on this website for specific contact information.

Westwood maintains an active contact list for individuals who are interested in buying or renting a unit. Certain requirements for membership must be met prior to signing a purchase or rental contract. Those who have met these requirements are in a better position to respond quickly to sales and rentals as they become available. Requirements include attending a community meal, a monthly business meeting, and a workday; reading a book about cohousing or intentional community (the Sales Team can offer a list from which to choose), and reading our member packet. This is also a great way to get a sense of whether living at Westwood or even in community is a good fit for you. We encourage you to consider scheduling an official tour. You can do this by contacting

If you are interested in being placed on our contact list for sales and rentals, we do ask for additional information about you and your family:

  • Your full name and the full names of your family members.
  • Your current address, telephone number and email address for contact.
  • A brief bio of you and your family, including any previous experience of living in community and why you are interested in moving to Westwood.

    Please send your response and direct additional general questions you may have about sales and rentals to

    If you are currently actively seeking to purchase or rent, you may also be in direct contact with individual homeowners who list their units on this page. Click on any of the photos posted below for more information.

    We appreciate your interest!

    Sublet opportunity:

    D15, 2 bedrooms

    F23, 2 bedrooms

    For Rent:

    D12, 1 bedroom

    G24, 1 bedroom


        Westwood Cohousing Community