How best to visit Westwood

We understand that many people are interested in seeing how a cohousing community works. We are happy to welcome observers to our monthly meetings and are eager to demonstrate how we are able to save energy and live lightly on the planet while enjoying all the high-tech amenities that are available. However, this is our home, and we do not want it to become a tourist attraction. Our visitor policy gives you a way to visit Westwood while protecting residents' privacy and personal schedules. We ask that you make an appointment before visiting and not simply walk around our campus on your own.

Members will give 1 - 1 1/2 hour tours at mutually convenient pre-arranged times for visitors. We request a donation of $10 for 1 person plus $5 for each additional person (children under 18 free). We can also accommodate larger tour groups upon request. Please email to arrange for a tour and receive directions to Westwood.


    Westwood Cohousing Community